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Who we are?
We are a Agency in the area of Zurich.Our Team, is well prepared to support with every thing what you need to start work.
Why us?
Because we care about the Girls. We put a lot of efforts in helping the girls to make the money they deserve.
Our places are perfect to spend intimate Moments with your clients, offering them a warm, welcoming and private atmosphere as soon as they step in.
What we are looking for?
Here are the Girls profile we are looking for:
It does not matter where you are from, but you must:
 have an EU-Passport be between 18 and 60 years old
 be beautiful and charming
 be friendly, professional with a nice personality speak at least some basics English and/or German
 be available ********** e to Switzerland regularly
Contact us
if you Are interested and you want to give it a try?
Then please write us on Whatsapp